Top Tube Cycling Bag

Lizzard-Top-Tube-Cycling-Bag_CONTENTSIf you are a cyclist, you will know that one needs to carry small tools, a spare tube, tubeless tyre repair kit, CO2 Cartridge or two and a few other bits-and-bobs on the bike for emergency repairs on-the-go. I have always used the traditional saddlebag, which fastens on the bottom of your bike saddle and onto your seat post. Wear on my existing saddlebag made it necessary to replace it. I decided to replace it with a Top Tube Bag, as it has more space, a special slot for your mobile and is conveniently accessible while you are riding.

Searching the web for suitable products, I came across the Lizzard Top Tube Bag. The description sounded fabulous, as it was exactly what I was looking for in a Top Tube Bag.

The Lizzard Top Tube bag is described as lightweight, water and tear-resistant. It has reflective strips and logos. The bag is fitted with velcro adjustments and has a cellphone pouch with touch-sensitive cover.

Since I am not big on spending time in shops and roaming shopping centres, I popped onto the trusted e-commerce retailer site and placed my order for a Lizzard Top Tube bag. Takealot is one of the largest, most innovative e-commerce retailers on the African continent, similar to Amazon. They provide great service, and I often use them for online purchases.

Not having to wait long for my online order to arrive, my Lizzard Top Tube bag was delivered right to my door a few days after placing the order. Excitedly I fitted the little bag to my bike, filled it with my bike-tech tools and gadgets and was ready for my first trip into the countryside.


These are my thoughts on the Lizzard Top Tube Cycling Bag!


  1. It is made from a lightweight material, which is great on the bike as it does not add unnecessary weight.
  2. The bag is water-resistant, I tested it.
  3. Although the material is lightweight, it is strong and would not easily tear.
  4. The bag has reflective strips and a reflective logo on the sides.
  5. The bag is fitted with velcro straps, which is adjustable.
  6. There is a cellphone pouch with a touch-sensitive cover on the top of the bag, which allows you to access your phone easily. It also keeps your phone dry, in case of rainy weather.
  7. The bag is spacious compared to the traditional saddlebag I had.


  1. Lizzard-Top-Tube-Cycling-Bag_DAMAGEDIt scratches the paint of your bike frame when dust gets between the bag and frame.
  2. The nylon straps which secure the Lizzard Top Tube Cycling Bag to your bike frame is flimsy. I used my Lizzard Top Tube Cycling Bag about four times, when the nylon strap that secured the bag to my bike stem, tore completely out of the seam stitching of the Lizzard Top Tube Cycling Bag.


  1. When the strap on my Lizzard Top Tube Cycling Bag broke, I immediately made an online request to Takealot to return the product.
  2. I received a confirmation from Takealot immediately and the Lizzard Top Tube Cycling Bag was collected from my door the very next day.
  3. Although I used the Lizzard Top Tube Cycling Bag about four times already, Takealot did not ask any questions or have any issues in crediting my Takealot account.


3.5 ⭐️ Lizzard Top Tube Cycling Bag – Lizzard needs to review the nylon straps and stitching on the product, otherwise, it is a great little bag.

5 ⭐️ Takealot – return process, speed and efficiency were great on this order.


Will I buy another Lizzard product? I will most likely inspect it for quality and durability before I decide on another purchase of this brand.

Will I buy another Top Tube Bag? Possibly, but then I will apply a protective film on my bike frame, to avoid scratching and damage. I will also consider other brands in terms of quality and durability. Considering longer bike trips, I will use both a Top Tube Bag and Saddle Bag for space and spreading the weight evenly on the bike.

At this time, I am back to my trusted Saddle Bag, until I spot another suitable replacement 😁!

REBEL Greetings 🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️🤓❤️!

Photos by Luculle Stols – on Instagram