The sky is grey and filled with moisture!

The sky is grey and filled with moisture 💦🌨! The wet, earthy scent filling the air! Pitter patter, little raindrops ☔️ soaking Mother Earth 🌍! My garden rejoicing 🌼🍀🌸🌾🌳🌻 soaking up the nectar 💦 of nature 👌🤩!

Watching the weather since pre-dawn ☔️👀🌚🤔! Riding 🚴‍♀️ and running 🏃‍♀️ will have to wait until the rain ☔️ let up a bit ☁️😕! Till then, my fingers are flitting through my library 📚 looking for a good read 🤓! The aroma of good caffeine ☕️ soothing the senses 😋! Mac 💻 winking at me for some creative attention ⌨️🖍🤓🤭😄! The #K9Babes 🐶🐶 cuddled together 😍!

How did you start your weekend?

Photos by Luculle Stols – on Instagram