#K9 Security from Inside!


Thursday was chilly ❄️ and windy 🌪 outside! Best place was on Lulu’s reading chair 📚🤓, under her blankie 🐶!

#K9Security from inside, I could still see the garden 🌸🍄🍀🌳, and spot the birds 🦅 and lizards 🦎! I saw one of those pesky grey doves 🕊, which #MadamRoza and I always chase, landing at the bird bath 🙄, and let it slide… 🐕😅! I really hoped that he 🕊 had his racing wings ready… for Friday the chase was on 🕊🐕💨😜😋!

Photo by Luculle Stols – @real.life.rebel on Instagram