Looks, Clothes, Fancy Car?

Oscar Wilde once said; “You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”

Oscar Wilde was a clever man! It hurts when you are befriended not for who you are as a person, but for your looks or the material matter you possess. How pretty or handsome you are, how much you have, how much you can give. We arrive in this world naked, without possessions and we leave this world naked without possessions. I’m a firm believer that material things are immaterial. When you love someone, you love the “naked” person. You love the person because something in that person or about that person resonates with you and vice versa. Energy of another attracts, and you possibly share the same kind of energy. Run through life at the same speed. Appreciates similar or the same things in life, and of life. You love someone, because they sing a song only you can hear.

Little Lesson of Life! Experiences impact the way you welcome new people into your life, either with hesitation or open arms. Either the alarm bells ring and you run, or you get a fuzzy feeling. The alarm bells once started ringing! Too late, unfortunately! When a man well into a relationship, mentioned that his girlfriend has a big fancy car, he does not need one. His girlfriend has a nice big house, he does not need one. Foolishly mentioned that he did a drive-by to check out his girlfriend’s place, before he befriended her. His girlfriend took note of these little comments, without reaction, maybe a little befuddled and hurt smile played out on her face. Observing and silently interrogating the situation which the girlfriend found herself in, she then realised that the ME factor was greater than the WE factor for the other person. This man was more into classical tunes, whilst his girlfriend was more of a hardcore rock tunes kind of girl. This man never heard the strings and drums! The rest is history!

Moral of the story, be with someone, love someone, because they sing a song only you can hear 🎶🖤! The material is immaterial!