2021 STRAVA Activity Reel

Reflecting on my 2021 activities and achievements recorded on STRAVA gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Every day is not a great day, but we get up, dress up in our spandex and ride our bikes, go for walks, run or do some strength training, some swim. Anything is better than nothing and some days are easier than others, some are adventures and some days are plain tough.

I’ll allow the 2021 STRAVA Reel to tell my story of getting up or not. What I do know is that 2021 was not as good as 2020 and 2022 is going to be better than 2021. Will just have to set and meet goals. What are you doing to stay active, healthy and fit? Are you on STRAVA? Let’s connect to motivate and support each other. Below, my 2021 STRAVA claim to fame for 2021!

Images and Data supplied by STRAVA