Launched on AMAZON! Lucy, Foxy and the Big Colourful Funny Birds Book 1

I’m proud and excited! I’ve reached the next phase in my creative journey. My first Juvenile Fiction ebook was accepted and published on Amazon. It’s digitally illustrated and if you have kids or grandchildren ages 6 – 9, they might enjoy this little ebook. I’ve also created Freebie ART and ACTIVITY Pages for my readers to enjoy, as a gesture of appreciation.

Lucy, Foxy and the Big Colourful Funny Birds is the first book in the Lucy Series. The Lucy Series of books are classified as Juvenile Fiction and teaches Important Life Lessons to Kids.

Lucy and friends enjoy many adventures. Each adventure teaches a life lesson. Book one is about asking questions when you do not know something. That is how you learn new things.

Lucy, Foxy and the Big Colourful Funny Birds is for every kid out there, who wonders, but is too shy to ask a question.

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The second book in the Lucy Series is in production and will be out soon. Join, and enjoy the next adventure, with Lucy and friends, in Book #2.

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Freebie ART and ACTIVITY Pages for readers and fans of the Lucy Series. On to the next adventure!