Coffee Shop Girl (Coffee Shop Series Book 1) by Katie Cross

Viewing the world through rosy lenses once in a blue moon is not such a bad thing. Romance is not top of my list when I select books for leisure reading. I’m more into crime fiction, mystery, fantasy and the action and adventure genres. I do indulge every now and again though. The book cover is often a trigger making me want to read the story inside. That is how the Coffee Shop Girl, the first book in the Coffee Shop Series, created by Katie Cross, landed on my reading list.

Coffee Shop Girl (Coffee Shop Series Book 1) by Katie Cross

Genre: Romance
Page Count: 288
Source: Amazon Purchase
Rating: 5 ★

Bethany is having a tough time, dealing with the loss of her dad, having to drop out of college as a result, and trying her utmost to stay afloat financially. The Frolicking Moose Coffee Shop is draining her bank account and killing her spirit. She stays positive, as the Frolicking Moose is all that remains of her beloved dad. That, and his motorcycle, which she rides every night after closing, to escape her reality.

Enters Maverick, ex-military and Viking-sized. Business consultant of sorts. Handsome and Bethany’s lifeline in rescuing the Frolicking Moose Coffee Shop. There’s an undeniable spark between them. She’s cute, has dark hair, sparkling blue eyes, relies on a smatter of power lipstick to smooth the nerves away, and makes crappy caffeinated drinks.

An early morning surprise at the back door of the coffee shop puts a different spin on Bethany’s already strained existence. Her two half-sisters, Lizbeth and Ellie. Minors, on the run from their abusive father and with no one to turn to but Bethany. The three girls share the same mother, who had passed on a few years back. The stakes are raised thousandfold.

Join Bethany, Maverick, Lizbeth and Ellie in this charming and clean romance centred around the survival of the Frolicking Moose Coffee Shop.

I really enjoyed reading Coffee Shop Girl (Coffee Shop Series Book 1) by Katie Cross. Definitely a title to add to your “Want to Read” list for relaxed weekend reading or a cosy evening in.

I discovered another two books on my Kindle by Katie Cross, by chance, and have already added them to my TBR pile. Maybe you want to check them out in the meantime as well.

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Coffee Shop Girl (Coffee Shop Series Book 1) receives a 5 ★ Rating.

Reviewer: Luculle Stols