Mud, River Crossing, Cheezo Blitz!

Easter started with a fabulous 60 km gravel ride 🥚🐣🐥♥️✝️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴💃🥳! Rain hampered riding plans for two days after. We were lucky to get patches of clear skies on Easter Monday, 18 April 2022, so we got out and enjoyed a short Blitz on the mountain bikes. Dodging, mud patches and water puddles 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️💦😁.

We came to a low water bridge that’s part of the route to one of our favourite coffee stops. Heaven help us, the bridge was flooded 🌊🙈🤷‍♀️😅! The picture in our minds of a warm snack and a caffeine fix started to evaporate 🚫🥪☕️😩. We stood and watched the water 🌊😃. Pedestrians living in the area, have no fear 😅. They pull off their shoes, waterside, and walk through to the other side, no hassles. We didn’t want to ride through with our bikes, in case the force of the water was too strong. Also, it damages the mechanics of your bicycle. Indecision gets one nowhere 😁! Next, off with the shoes! Hold them tight 🧦👟, you’re screwed should you drop one 🤣! We’re walking across 💪! Al, strong, carrying his prized Blue Blitz 🚲😂. Me, well, The Black Stallion had to do with being half lifted, half pushed through the fast-flowing water 🚲😍🤭😂😅. The pedestrians and some locals who were washing mud off their commuter bikes, watching. Al made it through, I was halfway through, and I could feel the water grabbing my Little Steed 🌊🚲🤯🙉! I screamed like a five-year-old 😅🤣! One of the commuters ran into the water to help 😅! I was holding onto one side of the bike, and he was holding onto the other side of the bike. Thank goodness, we made it through with no mishap 🙏🥳! Reward, an apple for energy and bravery, as I don’t carry much with me on the bike 🍏🎖😊😁!

Shoes back on, we’re gliding through more mud patches and water puddles, with purpose, towards our intended destination 🧦👟🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️💦🥪☕️😁!

Enters a Terrapin 🐢😁! ‘Stop, stop! He’ll get killed by the passing cars 😢! We have to help him!’ Me 😅!

Terrapins are turtles that live both in water and on land. All the rain and flooding must have flushed the little guy out. He was in danger, on the gravel road, right in the tracks. I stopped and gently moved him to the side of the road, and to safety. His little feet were retracted. Al wanted to move him a bit further, and as he was about to touch him, out came the Terrapin’s feet 🤭😅! This guy could move at speed 🐢💨😂! He finished the job by himself and allowed us to get on with our ride 😁.

Finally, caffeine fix sorted 🥪☕️😋💃! Revived, ready to roll 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️! Guess what? Home’s back the same way we came 🌊😝!

One for the books 🧦👟🌊🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️💦🥪☕️😁💪🤩! It is not always about distance or speed, but rather the adventure!

‘Never, never, never give up!’ – Winston Churchill

🎥 Join our adventure, watch the clip 💃🥳! I had great fun, producing it in Canva 💻🤓🤩🥳! Love it 💃🏼😍! Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed a fabulous Easter Weekend 🥚🐣🐥♥️✝️! Rubber Side Down 💪🚴‍♀️👟🐶🐶🌻☘️🌈!

PS Have time for another adventure? As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Easter started with a fabulous 60 km gravel ride 🥚🐣🐥♥️✝️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴💃🥳! We were lucky to spot beautiful locomotives from Rovos Rail, en route 🚂. Rovos Rail is known to be one of the most luxurious trains worldwide. We also passed an Alpaca breeder and spent time with the fluffy creatures 📸🦙🦙🤩. You will not believe it, but there was a cream coloured one with a hairdo that would put many a rockstar to shame 🦙🤣! The Story and Pics 📸🤓! Follow us for more!

⭐️ Embrace the emojis, it adds to the vibe 🤓🤩🥳! – Luculle ⭐️

Photos by Allan Webber and Luculle Stols – on Instagram
Blog Post art and clip created by Luculle Stols