Destruction – End of The Road

By Luculle Stols

DESTRUCTION – The Power Of Positivity is something I am failing to find today. I am a positive person, with a positive mindset but today life is just too much. 36 months of greatness. The last 24 months, a crazy roller-coaster ride of adventure, passion, extreme happiness, but also sadness. Loved and lived, half-hidden. Start-and-stop 4,5,6 times just to start-and-stop again. No reason. The romantic fool in me; trust, respect, care and love passionately with my whole being, unconditionally, completely. The closed-door is opened every time. There’s something special, significant, and brilliant about the other. Our energy aligns, we run through life at the same pace. Life interferes, time is lost. The promise, we’re good, I’m in it for the long run, starts to fade yet again. On the phone, a simple question. Do you love me? Hesitation. Can’t talk now. Just a simple yes or no? Can’t talk now. The phone disconnects. You don’t love me! End of The Road! Sadness. Hurt. Tears. Destruction.

Artwork by Luculle Stols – on Instagram