Manuscript Critique Quality Guide for Writers and Authors

Writer? Aspiring to become a published author? Or are you a published Author already?

The Manuscript Critique Quality Guide is a resource for Writers and Authors, new or seasoned. Use it as a guide whilst writing your first or next book. It will help you understand your manuscript’s structural strengths and weaknesses; when you review your work.

The sections in the guide focus on the structural elements of a book:

  • Opening Scene
  • Characterisation and Motivation
  • Plot and Conflict
  • Pacing
  • Setting and Worldbuilding
  • Dialogue
  • Craft
  • Overall Impression of the work of art
  • Suggested improvements on mentioned points
  • Pick up on noticed grammar and typos, and highlight these

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I hope you find the content of value; and that it will impact and contribute to the success of your creative journey.