Real Life REBEL℠ started as a pet project for Founder and Editor in Chief, Luculle Stols. The Blog was created as an outlet for her creative musings and is forever evolving.

Living Life without Boundaries and the Real Life REBEL℠ brand are synonymous.

Initially, a personal lifestyle blog, the Real Life REBEL℠ brand now extends to Real Life REBEL℠ BOOK Nerd and Real Life REBEL℠ Kreatif.

Seamlessly pulled together, supporters, collaborators and clients alike, now interact on one platform with Real Life REBEL℠ and its brand extensions. It’s simplistic and easy to access information and communicate needs and wants. Key elements of the creative process feature cross-brand, this, writing and design. Social Media activities are separate and targeted. The main brand Real Life REBEL℠ prominent in its brand extensions on these platforms.

Interested in working with the Real Life REBEL℠ brand? Here’s the picture!

Real Life REBEL℠

Real Life REBEL℠ is a lifestyle blog with a focus on; adventure, mountain biking, cool places, cycling gear and gadgets, wellness, nutrition, creativity, books, motivation, experiences, fun, and freedom.

Real Life REBEL℠ is open to; testing and reviewing relevant lifestyle products, visiting and reviewing your cool place, or becoming your brand ambassador. I am also available for writing and design commissions in the lifestyle niche. If you’re interested in working with me, write me a note. Let’s collaborate!

Real Life REBEL℠ BOOK Nerd

Real Life REBEL℠ BOOK Nerd, previously known as BookCRITICO℠, is an extension of the Real Life REBEL℠ brand. It’s a creative service, that professionally caters for the needs of writers and authors.

The BOOK Nerd brings you Book Recommendations, Short Book Reviews, and Bookish Inspiration.

The Author Hub on Real Life REBEL℠ BOOK Nerd provide a Manuscript Review and Proofreading service and accepts Book Review requests. The BOOK Nerd also design affordable Premade Ebook Covers.

Real Life REBEL℠ Kreatif

Real Life REBEL℠ Kreatif, previously known as DEZIGN REBEL℠, provide a content creation service by way of writing and design commissions.

The brand work with Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Corporates cross-industry; in creating integrated digital and print marketing communication content.

On The Blog

The Real Life REBEL℠ Blog is a combination of topics covered by Real Life REBEL℠, Real Life REBEL℠ BOOK Nerd and Real Life REBEL℠ Kreatif.

The categories Rebel Soul, Bookish and Shop Talk feature on the Blog, but also pop up on each of the relevant Real Life REBEL℠ brand extension menus, for ease of access and reading.


The Ko-fi Creator Page and Shop is a hub where supporters and clients of the Real Life REBEL℠ brand can conveniently access and shop a combination of creative work. It represents the Real Life REBEL℠ brand as a whole.

Real Life REBEL℠ is open to working with brands, businesses, blogs, other creatives, writers and authors to create partnerships of mutual benefit. View the portfolio page, it’s new, and is currently being updated with successful past projects.

‘No Limits! Live Life Creatively! Just Do It!’ – Luculle Stols