Manuscript Review

What is a Manuscript Review?

Manuscript review is a process that interrogates the quality and consistency of the content of a raw manuscript from an informed perspective. The manuscript is read cover to cover. The document is evaluated in totality before an author submits his manuscript for editing and proofreading. Feedback will typically highlight main points and include comments about strengths and weaknesses, inconsistencies, poor flow in the storyline, character flaws, lack of worldbuilding and more. The writer or author receives constructive and neutral feedback. It allows for the necessary improvements or adjustments to be made.

The term manuscript review is favoured here at Real Life REBEL℠. In the industry, however, often, also referred to as manuscript appraisal or manuscript critique.

When is a Manuscript Review beneficial?

The comprehensive feedback of a manuscript review is beneficial once the first draft is complete. Request this service ahead of editing to understand the structural strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript.

This process is beneficial when one has to:

  • Decide on what kind of editing a manuscript requires.
  • Major structural elements are problematic.
  • Neutral opinion to improve the quality and consistency of the content.

What to expect when you book this Service?

The Real Life REBEL℠ manuscript review service is inclusive of inline comments, light proofreading, and a comprehensive report detailing clear, actionable recommendations, covering the following:

  • Opening Scene
  • Characterisation and Motivation
  • Plot and Conflict
  • Pacing
  • Setting and Worldbuilding
  • Dialogue
  • Craft
  • Overall Impression of the work of art
  • Suggested improvements on mentioned points
  • Pick up on noticed grammar and typos, and highlight these

Often, if there is a need, suggested research material is included for the benefit of the writer or author.

Let’s polish your work of art! Book your Manuscript Review today!

Client Appreciation

‘Very thorough and very professional. I will absolutely be using her again. Highly recommended.’ – Manuscript Review, Historical Fiction, 65K Word Novel, Chris (Author – USA)

‘Fast- very fast return on 9 chapters. She follows a framework methodology that provides continuity of detail with a great series of milestones. Additionally, I was provided with very interesting and appropriate research articles to support my writing. I would recommend Luculle Stols to those seeking feedback on content, character, and plot.’ – Manuscript Review, Crime Suspense, 14K Word Novel Extract, Paul (Author – USA)

‘Very professional. Love the suggestions she gave. I’m implementing them into the project. I will work with her again.’ – Manuscript Review, Crime Fiction, Short Story, Sandy (Author – USA)