What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the process of reviewing and checking written work to find and correct production errors. It comes after copyediting and is the final step in the editorial cycle before a manuscript is submitted for publication.

Proofreader’s Task

  • Working on edited text in final layout.
  • Checking for essential errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Making minor changes for sense.
  • Ensuring all page elements are consistent and correctly placed and style decisions are applied.
  • Checking that tables and illustrations are consecutively numbered and placed correctly.
  • Checking that references and citations are correctly formatted.
  • Checking that an index is formatted consistently.

What is an Error?

  • Spelling errors, where different spellings are acceptable, the word should be spelt consistently throughout a document.
  • Serious, unarguable errors of punctuation, especially where they allow ambiguity or obscure the meaning.
  • Inconsistently spelt or hyphenated names.
  • Bad word breaks that make reading the text difficult.
  • Incorrect text headings and page headers/footers.
  • Incorrect page numbers and cross-references.
  • Wrongly placed or incorrect captions and annotations.
  • Text that is missing.
  • Text that is repeated.


What format should my manuscript be in?

The preference is for documents to be in MSWord format, but not limited to.

How do you provide feedback?

Feedback is provided in MSWord with active Track Changes and includes comments, suggestions, and detailed notes.

What is the turnaround time?

I have a reputation for working fast, yet efficiently. The time to process a manuscript differs from one project to the next. When you order my proofreading service, your manuscript is scheduled and prioritised in my schedule, per a mutually agreed delivery timeline. Let me know if you have a specific deadline in mind.

How do I order your Proofreading Service?

Order this service here on Real Life REBEL℠. Complete the Proofreading Request Form at the bottom of this page, to receive a custom offer for your consideration. Pay conveniently and securely via PayPal or Payoneer.


  1. Complete the Proofreading Request Form and Submit.
  2. Receive confirmation via email.
  3. Submit your manuscript for evaluation.
  4. Receive a custom offer for your consideration.
  5. Upon acceptance of the custom offer, receive a Payment Request via PayPal or Payoneer, depending on your preference.
  6. Pay conveniently and securely via PayPal or Payoneer.
  7. Receive confirmation of receipt of payment and order.
  8. Order will be processed.
  9. Receive feedback and on-time delivery.

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