At Real Life REBEL, we thrive on; mountain biking, trail running, freedom, creativity, adventure, a healthy lifestyle, fun, and stress-free days.

Gear, gadgets, health, life at large, self-care, nutrition, and REBEL musings are topics you will read about on our Blog.

Owner and founder of Real Life REBEL, Luculle Stols, is a writerdesignermountain bikertrail runner and life coach.

The REBEL is also a creative geek, book fanatic, gardener, K9 Mommy, music lover, coffee freak, baker, wine and whisky appreciator, lover of nature and deep thinker. Madam Roza and Dame Lola, resident Royal K9 Babes, completes the picture.

“No Limits! Live Life Creatively! Just Do It!”
Luculle Stols

Chill with Us

Visit the Real Life REBEL Blog whilst sipping a glass of wine, savouring a cup of tea or coffee and relax with some of the reads, try out a recipe, or pop into our new product section. Let’s take the edge off your day, and leave you feeling lighter! Real Life REBEL loves life, and will strive to creatively entertain, and inform!