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Feedback from clients, Luculle have worked with, on various projects.

‘Luculle was a pleasure to work with. She had a quick and accurate grasp of the requirements and delivered beyond expectations.’ – Copywriting, Sales Letters, Theo K (Owner of a company in the Property Management Industry – RSA)

‘Luculle made the experience worth it, 5 STARS! I definitely would recommend her!’ – Part 3 – Editing, Proofreading and Linked TOC (Table of Contents) for a Poetry Bundle, Rue L (Co-author and Publisher – USA)

‘This cover was EVERYTHING I needed it to be. Luculle has a very good way of understanding your vision and bringing it to life. I definitely would recommend her for creating book covers!’ – Part 2 – Ebook Cover Design for a Poetry Bundle, Rue L (Co-author and Publisher – USA)

‘Luculle is absolutely AMAZING and a joy to work with. She is extremely professional, completes projects in a timely manner and is also affordable. Definitely one of the best experiences, I’ve had.’ – Part 1Editing of Introduction for a Poetry Bundle, Rue L (Co-author and Publisher – USA)

‘Excellent experience. Very helpful, focused, professional feedback. I would recommend this and will happily book this service again.’ – Beta Reading, Women’s Fiction, 77K Word Novel, Cass (Author – Canada)

‘Very easy and quick. A great critique very helpful.’ – Beta Reading, Proofreading and Editing, Drama, 28K Word Novella, Cheryl (Author – USA)

Excellent help for an aspiring young author. I would recommend her to all.’ – Beta Reading, YA Fantasy Fiction, (Partial Manuscript) Chapter 3, 5815 Words of Novel, Benjamin (Author – UK)

‘Luculle did a manuscript review of my first novel and provided some good feedback. She was kind and courteous in her suggestions and comments and had a quick turnaround time. Very professional.’ – Beta Reading, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, 142K Word Novel, EB (Author – USA)

‘Luculle was skilled, fair in price, prompt with Beta Reading, and gave fantastic feedback for my novella. I really like her oragnised Beta Reader report style. In short, she was super!’ – Beta Reading, Fantasty Fiction, 30K Word Novella, Cara (Author – USA)

‘Fast- very fast return on 9 chapters. She follows a framework methodology that provides continuity of detail with a great series of milestones. Additionally, I was provided with very interesting and appropriate research articles to support my writing. I would recommend Luculle Stols to those seeking feedback on content, character, and plot.’ – Beta Reading, Crime Suspense, 14K Word Novel Extract, Paul (Author – USA)

‘Very thorough and very professional. I will absolutely be using her again. Highly recommended.’ – Beta Reading, Historical Fiction, 65K Word Novel, Chris (Author – USA)

‘Very professional. Love the suggestions she gave. I’m implementing them into the project. I will work with her again.’ – Beta Reading, Crime Fiction, Short Story, Sandy (Author – USA)

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