Luculle Stols Author

Luculle Stols is a published author on Amazon. She is a writer and design generalist with nearly three decades of experience. Her days are filled with; writing, design, proofreading, editing, beta reading, manuscript critique, book cover design, ghostwriting, blogging and creative fiction writing.

She also has a keen interest in Psychology and is a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. She is known to be; a creative geek, book nerd, mountain biker, K9 Mommy, caffeine junkie, and lover of all things life. In her free time, she rides her mountain bike. This, on bush trails or gravel roads somewhere in sunny South Africa. Here she lives with her K9 Sidekicks, Madam Roza and Dame Lola.

Lucy, Foxy and the Big Colourful Funny Birds is the first book in the Lucy Series. The Lucy Series of books are classified as Juvenile Fiction and teaches Important Life Lessons to Kids.

Lucy and friends enjoy many adventures. Each adventure teaches a life lesson. Book one is about asking questions when you do not know something. That is how you learn new things.

Lucy, Foxy and the Big Colourful Funny Birds is for every kid out there, who wonders, but is too shy to ask a question.

I had a fabulous time writing and digitally illustrating the first book. The second book in the Lucy Series is in production and will be out soon. Join, and enjoy the next adventure, with Lucy and friends, in Book #2.

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