Ghostwriting – Children’s Book

As an experienced copywriter + design generalist with nearly three decades of experience, and being a published author on Amazon, I was invited by an Art Buyer to test my compatibility with a client. This, for a Ghostwriting project.

Disclosure – This was a test project, with no NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) signed, and thus showcased here in my Portfolio. The piece of creative writing and art has not been published on any other platform under my name. The Portfolio entry here is purely for the purpose of showcasing my ability and experience, as a writer and design generalist to potential future clients.’ – Luculle Stols

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is the activity of writing books, articles, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author.

Client Brief

Write a Children’s Fiction Story

  1. Genre: Children’s Books Fiction
  2. Words: 250 – 550
  3. Title: Honesty
  4. POV: First Person
  5. Target Audience: Kids 4-8 years 
  6. Characters/Personality: 
    • Girl: Funny, cute
    • Mom: Kind, friendly, supportive
    • Dad:
    • Brother: Albert


Character introduction in the beginning. The story should include four situations when the main character is struggling to be honest. The parents or brother should be able to provide a solution or advice. 

Choose a Scenario

  • Lying about homework
  • Didn’t clean up her room
  • Lying about not breaking her brother’s toy
  • Lying about eating sweets before dinner

My choice – Lying about eating sweets before dinner

Final Product

Project Art

Art is a great medium to fuel creative juices. I created art for the project, voluntarily for this purpose. The art entailed an ebook cover and a sheet depicting the fictional characters in the story. Here, for my Portfolio entry, I created and added Book Mockup art for a comprehensive project feel.


I am available for writing and design commissions. If you have any questions or need a similar service, please feel free to drop me a note via the contact page. I will reply smartly!