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Real Life REBEL is about adventure, mountain biking, a healthy lifestyle, wellness, creativity, fun and freedom.

Explored by Real Life REBEL; gear, gadgets, experiences, nutrition, life at large, self-care, self-motivation, motivation, arty-crafty stuff and REBEL musings.

Hello! Thanks for popping by! I’m Luculle, a writer, creative geek, book slave, mountain biker, K9 Mommy, caffeine junkie and lover of all things life. Freelance writing and design, beta reading, proofreading, book reviews and blogging allow me to earn and maintain the freedom of my creative lifestyle.

Other REBEL favs are; gardening, crafting, running, walking, art, music, baking, sampling red wine and appreciating whisky, loving nature and contemplating life. Madam Roza and Dame Lola, resident Royal K9-Babes, completes the picture.


My Ko-fi Creator Page and Shop is now active. It’s a hub where clients and supporters of my brands, DEZIGN REBEL, BookCRITICO and Real Life REBEL can access and shop a combination of my creative work:

  • writing services
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  • ebooks
  • arty stuff
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  • freebies

Visit me on Ko-fi, and consider supporting my work. Your contribution will keep the pantry stocked and my K9 Sidekicks, Madam Roza and Dame Lola, in supply of dog food. It will also provide zippy bandwidth for writing and design work, ample fiction reading, bicycle spares, adventure gear and gadgets, cross-country adventures on my bicycle and a continuous flow of aromatic COFFEE.

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“No Limits! Live Life Creatively! Just Do It!”
Luculle Stols

Photos by Luculle Stols – @real.life.rebel on Instagram