Welcome to Real Life REBEL, a lifestyle blog, where I’ll be chatting up a storm about all things; Adventure, Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Running and Cycling Gear, Books, Gadgets, Food, Craft, Gardening, Lazy Days, Self Care and more…

At a glance, it might look very feminine, but it’s all about true Real Life REBELS! Freedom, creativity, adventure, fun and stress-free days are top of the list. So, guys and girls are welcome to pop in have a read, and like, and comment if you wish.

Real Life REBEL is about Living Life! It’s about kicking off your shoes at the end of a hard day, and sipping a glass of wine, reading a book, going for a run or walk, riding your bike, cooking up a storm, listening to some jazzy tunes, scratching in your garden, spending time with your family, friends, dogs or cats. Going on an adventure, a road trip by car, by bike, a hike in the mountains…

I exchanged the rat race, daily 2-5 hour commute, and a marketing management position at a large corporate, to live a more interesting and fulfilled life. Writer, designer, creative geek, book fanatic, cyclist, runner, K9 mommy, music lover, coffee freak, baker, wine and whiskey appreciator, lover of nature and deep thinker. I needed to get out, and be the person who I was meant to be, and live a life that matched my interests and personality. I wanted more freedom for my creative work, sport, and life as a whole.

My life now!

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DEZIGN REBEL – freelance writer, proofreader and designer working with entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporates, to bring their projects to life or improve existing projects from a digital and print marketing communication perspective.


BookCRITICO – professional reader, proofreader, critique partner and book cover designer. BookCRITICO is a creative service, professionally meeting the needs of authors.


Real Life REBEL – I am a mountain biker, trail runner, gardener, K9 Mommy, crafter, lover of good food, wine, whiskey, music and more.

Madam Roza and Dame Lola, my K9 Babes, will pop in now and then to share a bit of their K9 adventures and provide advice on doggie related matters.

Visit Real Life REBEL whilst sipping a glass of wine, savouring a cup of tea or coffee and relax with some of the reads on the blog. It will be light, entertaining, informative, creative and fun!

My motto – No Limits! Live Life Creatively! Just Do It!

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