Real Life REBEL passions are; Cycling, Running, Health and Wellness.

The REBEL of Real Life REBEL, thrives on; mountain biking, trail running, freedom, creativity, adventure, a healthy lifestyle, fun, and stress-free days.

Gear, gadgets, health, life at large, self-care, nutrition, and REBEL musings are topics you will read about here.

Real Life REBEL Inside Story

Where Real Life REBEL started! It started out as a pet project. Writing, designing and publishing motivationals, recommending great books, sharing recipes, and stories of adventures.

Where Real Life REBEL is now! In 2020 Real Life REBEL brings you:

  • EBOOKS – Non-fiction ebooks on life, self-care, motivation and nutrition, as well as creative relaxation pages and ebooks.
  • LIFE COACHING – Achology (The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology) Certified Life Coach – Available Soon!
  • REVIEWS – Product reviews, trail talk and race participant chit-chat
  • ARTICLES – Researched, and impactful posts of value on biking, running, health, life and nutrition
  • REBEL STUFF – REBEL musings for your entertainment

Behind the Scenes

Owner and founder of Real Life REBEL, Luculle Stols, is a writer, designer, mountain biker, trail runner and life coach. Follow her on STRAVA to check out her trail adventures.

The REBEL is also a creative geek, book fanatic, gardener, K9 Mommy, music lover, coffee freak, baker, wine and whisky appreciator, lover of nature and deep thinker. Madam Roza and Dame Lola, resident Royal K9 Babes, completes the picture.

“No Limits! Live Life Creatively! Just Do It!”
Luculle Stols

Let’s Connect

Does your life or interests resonate with that of Real Life REBEL? Did you enjoy any one of the posts, reviews, or recipes here on the page? Do you possibly have a question about running, cycling, the REBEL’S nutrition or do you just need some motivation?

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Chill with Us

Visit Real Life REBEL whilst sipping a glass of wine, savouring a cup of tea or coffee and relax with some of the reads, try out a recipe. Let’s take the edge off your day, and leave you feeling lighter! Real Life REBEL loves life, and will strive to creatively entertain, and inform!

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